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Lifting my spirits this afternoon, post-tense morning:

  • Sometimes State Quarters… This also makes me want an Ohio quarter (space!) and an Alaska quarter (bears!). Clearly the perfect quarter would just have bear in space on it and call it a day. (USA!) 
  • The fact that I did not lose my Bare Minerals big foundation brush, like I thought I did. It was waiting for me today in the ladies room at work. Hooray not having to buy a new one!
  • Jill’s post on that beyond the unspoken assumption that indie music guys are all nice and not-at-all-sexist, that its common to pretend they’re other people’s problem - ‘they’re not my friends’ - something I think we can all think about and address.
  • Honey Dijon Kettle Chips They aren’t always what you want in a chip, but when they are, man they hit the spot.

The power of chips shall propel me through a difficult meeting in a half hour. That and diet coke.

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