above is a higher-quality* version of a preview of “Roosterlegs” by Sam Sharpe and me. 

it appears in the anthology Little Heart from 2D Cloud. you can pre-order it at its kickstarter. there’s 7 days left and a ways to go until it gets funded, so if you want one, now’s your chance. the book stars kate craig & emily carroll, michael deforge, noah vansciver, tim sievert, luke holden, anna bongiovanni, sally bloodbath madden, and many others, with a drawing by zak sally. gifts for pledges at different levels include a risograph prints by me; a silkscreened gender-neutral bathroom sign by one of my favorite cartoonists, edie fake; 4 silkscreened cards by sally madden; and a date with an artist (your choice, duh), including me or noah vansciver.

here’s a short interview about the project conducted by raighne hogan. here’s a snippet:

Why is marriage equality important to you?

Marriage equality is an obvious equal rights issue. Changes in the legal language change perception, and self-perception, of gay people. Though I’m not a big fan of the institution of marriage, it’s important for partners to be able to make this choice and have legal rights.

That said, I wish the national conversation about gayness was not narrowly focused on gay marriage, bullying, and gays in the military. I think of the tunnel vision focus on them as a palliative, leading us away from talking about deeper and vastly more harmful institutionalized prejudices in the US, particularly facing queer and trans* people of color, and all people of color.

i just wanted to post that bit to make clear that while i am in this marriage equality book and obviously that issue is important, i think the national conversation has to shift. i just started reading the new jim crow (excerpt linked) by michelle alexander and it’s eye-opening and deeply disturbing. it posits very convincingly that the rise of mass incarceration began around the time of the civil rights movement’s beginnings as an evolution of the same social caste system that has been around since american slavery began. it explains how slavery in america was invented to keep poor whites and blacks from uniting against the rich white planter class. poor whites were offered “racial bribes” in the form of obtaining a higher social caste over poor blacks, so that their fear and anger would be redirected towards blacks and away from the rich. sounds familiar, right?

*than this one posted from lower-res files.

by the way, i know this sounds funny when this comic doesn’t deal with race. the protagonist, R., is Chinese, but i don’t explore white privilege or anything here. if i knew then what i know now, the story would have changed some.

- ed “whitesplaining on the soapbox” choy

“Roosterlegs” is © 2012 Ed Choy and Sam Sharpe.

I bolded the above because, Yes.

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